About us

At Amicoat, our mission is to develop and commercialize groundbreaking antimicrobial science
that will transform entire industries.


Our focus is on antimicrobial agents that inhibit bacterial growth and the formation of biofilms.
We offer a highly promising solution to the growing global antibiotic resistance epidemic. Our peptides,
when in contact with bacteria induce rapid bactericidal activity and nearly instantaneous bacterial cell
death before mechanisms of resistance can develop.

Our patented technology offers a high degree of flexibility in coupling to various surfaces and can
be tailor-made to meet diverse requirements. Our product is backed by extensive data demonstrating
efficacy and safety exceeding current market alternatives in inducing antimicrobial activity with
minimal environmental impact. Efficacy has also been demonstrated with viruses and fungi.


For general inquiries:

Oslo Office:
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NO-0349 Oslo

Tromsø Office:
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